Fokuz Recordings: Label Spotlight


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Rotterdam based Fokuz Recordings have been in the game since 1999 and was founded by Dreazz and Drum Origins, under the wing of Triple Vision online dance music database and store. Realizing that it could be extremely difficult to find an opportunity to release their own style of D&B on the typical UK labels at that time, they founded Fokuz and at the same time also created a foundation for Rotterdam’s local D&B scene.

With some of the; funkiest, chilled out, and best liquid D&B in the scene from a selection of renown artists, this is a label to be keeping an eye on. It’s sister labels; Celsius Recordings and Influenze Media, also host a whole bunch of need to know tracks! More info here.


The artists on Fokuz include; Actraiser, Changing Faces, Dreazz, Impish, Kasper, Los Contreras, Macca, Malaky, Random Movement, Satl, Silence Groove, Soligen & Type 2 and Vandera.

Releases from; Bcee, Alix Perez, Black Sun Empire, Fourward, Komatic, Technicolor, Icicle, Break, Lenzman, Total Science, Zero T, Impish and a whole bunch of other producers have all helped to form Fokuz into the solid record label it is today.

Beatport Top 10

Fokuz Recordings’ top 10 most purchased tracks on Beatportonline electronic dance music store.

1. Soligen & Type 2 – Can’t Go (Break Remix)

If you are a fan of Break, or you are a fan of Liquid D&B’s darker side then this is definitely a track to check out!

Break on remix duties beefing up Soligen & Type-2’s stellar track ‘Can’t Go’ that was released early 2014 on Celsius Recordings. A very atmospheric and nostalgic track, Break has made an uplifting masterpiece once again, we have a heavy rolling bassline, an interesting set of cow bells that keeps the track turning, a bunch of short and sharp sounds, and to really bring the track alive it sounds like Break has got a monster down to the studio to record a few sounds.

Symmetry Recordings head honcho – Break, has produced countless stompers over the years with releases on Ram, Metalheadz, Shogun, Exit, Critical, Soul:R, Quarantine, Subtitles and a bunch of others. Crisp breaks, heavy bass and effortless rhythm & flow are a staple of Break’s trademark sound, which put’s him at the top of many people’s list when discussing D&B.

Soligen & Type 2:


2. Macca & Loz Contreras – One Touch (Technimatic Remix)

This track reminds me of the end a festival, as you try to forget that you’ve got to go back to reality and instead bury yourself in the awe of the moment.


A superb remix by the duo, ‘One Touch’ is a calm and relaxing track featuring a euphoric female vocal sample. Although she doesn’t say any words, when interchangeably combined with a funky xylophone, you become truly lost in the magic of Technimatic’s remix – what a track!

Fighting out of the Shogun Audio corner, Peter Rogers and Andy Powell are the award winning London-based duo that make up the Technimatic alias. The pair have also released on Technique, Viper, Critical, Hospital and Spearhead and are definitely a favourite here at D&B Lab.


Loz Contreras:



3. Kasper & Satl – Mr Funky (Original Mix)

If you want to get the crowd moving but don’t want to jump straight into the darker side of D&B, or just a fan of Hip-hop infused D&B this is for sure a track you need to check out!

This track is a perfect example of what Kasper is made of, an intense and powerful bassline – sure to make any club’s walls shake – crafted together with funky and smooth Liquid D&B sounds and influences of Hip-hop, such as the “i’m the life of the party” sample.

Driving. Poised. Intelligent. A classically trained violinist/pianist turned junglist, Kasper is an emerging artist and DJ from Minneapolis, MN. Specializing in Liquid Drum + Bass, his deep and expressive music is getting massive recognition worldwide.




4. Zero T – Dice Game

The darkest of the tracks on Fokuz’s top 10, sure to create a few upside down smiles when dropped!

Definitely D&B Labs favourite on this top 10, a dark and sinister rolling track from Irish producer Zero T. Spooky carnival vibes with lots of growls and some excellent work on the bongos to keep us reminded of D&B’s jungle roots.

Straight out of Dublin Zero T has been DJing and producing tracks for 15 years, with releases on Critical, Soul:r, Shogun Audio, Quarantine, Metalheadz, Integral/Spearhead and Citrus – seeing him rise up the ranks and becoming an established and respected member of the community. Check out his own label, Footprints.

Zero T:


5. Impish – With You (Calibre Remix)

Another masterpiece from the Grand Master, each and every time!

Funky vibes, soulful female vocals and a classic Calibre bassline, instantly recognisable. Not much to say here, a future classic for sure, listen out for the helicopter build ups.

For anyone who doesn’t know Calibre (I’m sure you all do) you need to check out why he’s known as, ‘Grand Master’. Moving east now we have Russian producer Impish, from the Whitestone capital, Moscow. A big player in Russia’s D&B scene, he’s released on many labels including Dutch labels Citrus Recordings and Blendits Audio and has his own label Occulti Music too.



6. Facing Jinx – Now You’re Gone feat Alexsia Louca (Break Remix)

A flawless song with the perfect blend of beauty and filth.

Alexsia Louca graces the introduction with her voice leading us into a false deception then Break comes in, catching you off guard, flips ‘Now You’re Gone’ by Facing Jinx and smacks you in the face a monstrous, deep roller. D&B Lab can’t help reloading this one!

Facing Jinx:


7. LIMITS – Fading Away (Sikey Remix)

A soulful remix by Sikey here.

Big fan of the drum work on this track by sikey here, with a rolling bassline and the fading away vocal from LIMITS’ original tracks. This darker side of liquid life has always been interesting and is always being pushed further and further.



8. Random Movement – I Stayed Around (Lenzman Reinterpretation)

Presenting the prince of soulful drum & bass.

So we have the original in the top 10 as well (next infact). First though – just beating its predecessor – is Lenzman’s reinterpretation, the Dutchman turns the original track into an energetic roller leaving his signature markings all over.



9. Random Movement – I Stayed Around (Original Mix)

Now for the original mix!

Random Movement’s ”I Stayed Around” taken from his 2015 Sleazy Bitch EP on Fokuz received critical acclaim and support from the likes of Technimatic and Spectrasoul fortifying his position as the go to guy for bridging the gap between rough and smooth. Jazzy and bass heavy, this is a must know track.

Random Movement, aka Mike Richards has been in the soulful drum and bass vibe for over a decade now, his production skills and DJ technique have pushed him to the forefront of state-side D&B. Soulful, smooth, deep and jazzy vibes have lead to releases on; Innerground, Liquid V, CIA, Integral, Bassbin, Creative Source, Spearhead, and Horizons.

Random Movement:


10. Zero T – Thirty Four

Last…but by no mean least!

Just scraping another track into the top 10 Zero T shows his diversity with ”Thirty Four”, bringing us a deep groove with light stabs, piano licks and an abysmal sub. With his signature sound plastered all over.

Zero T:




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That brings us to the end of Fokuz Recordings, be sure to check out their website by clicking on the large logo at the top of the page or alternatively you can check out their Youtube using the videos and podcasts. Below are some links that you people might find useful. D&B LAB OUT!

Fokuz Recordings:

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